Who’s Gracie Klutz

Photography by Angela McConnell-2137-Edit_20131024This is Gracie Klutz. She’s a sweetie pie in the face. She’s been called the Haphazard Heartbreaker, Toronto’s Nicest Showgirl and A Beautiful Disaster.

But enough about what other people think of me, what do I think of me…?

I am a Toronto blogess who’s stumbled through the looking glass, into the labyrinth and over the rainbow onto the burlesque stage…okay, I exaggerated that last bit for effect, but I think you’re mixing my metaphors, if you know what I mean. With over 15 years of performance experience, I have never felt as fulfilled as I do with Burlesque. In my short time exploring this art form, I have been able to learn from many talented performers including Red Herring at the Toronto School of Burlesque and the talented team of Super Teachers at BurlyCon in Seattle. It is with that experience and training packed into my sparkly Showgirl bag, I have had the pleasure of performing on stages in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout beautiful Ontario.

On a personal level, I am a puppy enthusiast who is easily distracted by I SPY books and magic tricks. I’m a natural blonde. I love vanilla lattes and sunny days spent in the dog park with my Puppa-tinkeroo: Jilly. I play the ukulele; her name is Baby Belle. I am learning to juggle. I read Lemony Snicket books, and keep trying to write my own youth mystery fiction. My inspirations include Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Martin and my Mother. Who, coincidentally all have white-ish hair. I love performing. It’s a great relief that Gracie lets me finally be who I have always been. And I hope you love her as much as I do.

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