Being Happily Whelmed

In one week from today I move. Have I packed? Nope. Well, that’s not true, I’ve packed 2.5 boxes of knick-knacks. I have a big time performance on Sunday, you may have heard, #TBFStripSearch . Am I ready? Nope. I have 3 group acts and 2 solos to work on in the next three months. Have I finished them? You guessed it, Nah! And what did I do yesterday? Well, I watched 7 episodes Nashville. Oh, and for the last 2 weeks, I have been working 13 hour days, trying to recover/prepare for my lifestyle/burlesque obsession. Am I overwhelmed? Nah, what’s the point? I have made the decision to be happily whelmed.

I bet no matter what time it is where you are, that you’ve already seen, heard or sensed somebody complaining about being too busy. The overworked and under appreciated first world masses posting in resounding harmony: “It’s all too much! All the things! But I want more!”. Online media outlets have become passive therapists. A place to air grievances. A safe-haven, encouraging the Jones’ to exclaim just how busy they feel. Honestly, I know that if I did a little less creative posting and little more actual creative work; I’d be much further ahead and way more willing to pat myself on the back for my accomplishments. Though, I am happy with the knowledge that I made the choice, even if sometimes it’s not the ideal one.

Throughout the day I find myself waiting for something to happen; and by something I mean my Facebook newsfeed to refresh. The time I spend waiting I could use for more beneficial endeavours. Like writing this blog. Or inspiring all the sparkling show ponies around me. Or maybe even planning total domination of Tiny Town, as a preliminary measure to total Burly World. With time being at such a premium; one would think, I’d avoid wasting it. That I would get my task list in order and stick to it. But my creative/lazy/distracted/self-destructive sides prevent me from really digging my heels and buckling down. It needs to be free to flow, to ebb and flow and even spend 5 consecutive hours watching Sherlock. You cannot change the things you’ve already done. You can only change the things you will do. And here’s a key for your life ring: Self satisfaction is knowing that you have the opportunity to attempt achieving your goals everyday. Stick that in your lock and turn it! You can choose to be under, over or happily whelmed. You have the power, I mean, if you can tear yourself away from Netflix.


Unplugged But All Blogged Up

Heavenly Blogger, forgive me for I chagrin, it’s been over 2 weeks since my last blog-fession. Can you even believe it? How rude of me to leave all these good intentions just floating in cyberspace. Unblogged and all alone. These morsels of info, stuck in the ectogoo that is the internet. Search engines unable to find me. Lost, unwritten and clickless. But that’s all over now, I am resigned to reinforce good behaviour, instead of focusing on the not-so-awesome-ness, that I’ve been all too focused on lately.

Now, there are a few reasons I haven’t been so online:

  1. I’m looking for a new apartment – Always a stressful delight
  2. I am working 8-14 hour days on a film set – 2-5 days a week
  3. I was selected to represent in Strip Search, on top of 3 other burlesque performances within the next month, 1 of which is a completely new act
  4. I am working on 2 pieces with an out-of-town element, who is only available when she’s in town:(
  5. Writing takes brains and time. And lately I’ve felt like I have neither.

But even with all these factors, I find myself being drawn back to the computer, and not just for trolling Etsy. I’ve been longing to express my inner excitement and outer anguish. I have always been a do-er. Perhaps, even an over-do-er, as I have a tough time saying no. I bite off more than I can chew, then complain about a sore jaw. But I’m learning…sorta. How, bout this, I’m learning to recognize  that I’m doing it; actually stopping the cycle will be much more of a challenge. So, for now, let me say, I promise to be more aware of my inter-absences. To write at least one Burly blog a week. And to promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Honestly, I have been using a blog forum as a cheap form of therapy for a long time now, and I am eager to get back on the cyber couch…even if it is only for 1 hour a week.