This is the first MUSE that I have never met. When this project began a mutual friend suggested since her name was so familiar that perhaps she would be an ideal candidate. So, let’s all get to know, Winnipeg’s own; Miss La Muse! 20140728-083925-31165455.jpg

Gracie: Thanks for taking some time to share with me. First, how did you get your name?

Miss La Muse:I have always felt like a muse. I was raised in a very artistic family, and from a young age I romanticized the whole aspect of being a muse.

Gracie: How long have you been performing?

Miss La Muse: Going on eight wonderful years.

Gracie: What is your signature colour?

Miss La Muse: It always changes!…Right now I think it is gold/copper and pink!

Gracie: Who is your biggest fan?

Miss La Muse: Probably an incredibly lovely and proud, self identified bull dyke lesbian who drives a motorcycle and she is always trying to convince me to go for a ride! I sometimes I have to tell her to calm down though, lol…It’s hard to ride that fine line with fans you enjoy but not wanting to get too close. If I ever decide to throw in the towel and give up on everything, I’m sure she’d take great care of me. I love having a laugh with her! I’m so grateful to have fans like her.

Gracie: Who are your Showgirl inspirations?

Miss La Muse: Dirty Martini, and the way she removes a glove.

Gracie: Do you have a favourite body part?

Miss La Muse: My legs and bum are quite nice. Thanks mom!

Gracie: What is your characteristic style?

Miss La Muse: My favourite style is classic. I am always striving to do the old burlesque queens justice and carry on that torch. I think Neo-burlesque is doing a fine job at keeping that alive, there are a lot of enthusiasts that are part of this culture, and supporting our aging burlesque legends.

Gracie: Do you have a favourite costume or prop?

Miss La Muse: The latest costume that I created with a local fashion designer Alex Espinosa. It tears away to reveal several different outfits. I’m so in love with it!

Gracie: How do you build an act?

Miss La Muse: When I finally have some solid elements to work with, I put aside an evening to myself in the studio, have a glass of wine and just start dancing around to the music. When I feel like im touching on something I write it down. The inspiration for an act can start with any of those three elements; costume, music or concept.

Gracie: Is there a dream theme you’d like to work with?

Miss La Muse: I’m actually getting really tired of themes! It seems like every burlesque show I see advertised has a theme. I find themes limiting. I put a lot of work into my acts and I will continue to polish and perfect it over a long period of time.

Gracie: What is your favourite venue at home or on the road?

Miss La Muse: My favorite venue in Winnipeg is The Gas Station theatre. It’s run by truly wonderful people. My favorite venue on the road, I would have to say The Mod Club in Toronto.

Gracie: Do you ever see yourself retiring?

Miss La Muse: I fully intend to be fabulous, a showgirl, pin-up darling, etc. until I die. I have been blessed to know such wonderful women who are getting well into their 80’s and still glamorous. It’s opened my eyes.

Gracie: Any Words of Wisdom for budding showgirls?

Miss La Muse: If you want to do it, do it! But it’s important to educate yourself on what burlesque really is first. Take some workshops, do your research, make the effort. It’s not going to happen overnight, its a lot of hard work. It’s very easy to see through someone who is just doing it because “It’s fun!” and someone who is treating it like a serious performance art.

Gracie: Awesome! That was our first non-Toronto Canadian Muse! I love that we’re taking the time to learn about and from each other. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Follow Miss LaMuse at the links below!

Website: www.misslamuse.ca
FB: Miss Angela La Muse Burlesque
Instagram: misslamuse
Twitter: Miss La Muse


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