A MUSE MONDAYS: Loretta Jean

In a community as small as Toronto’s it’s impossible not to find yourself surrounded by familiar faces. Today’s Muse is one of those faces. She takes always takes time for a conversation. Her honestly and empathy are palpable. Her brain is sexy. She is one-third of the Nerd Girl Burlesque. Ladies and gentlemen, the academic with an Ace up her sleeve: Loretta Jean!

Photo cred. Split Sugar Photography

Photo cred. Split Sugar Photography

Gracie: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of my questions. First, how did you get your name?

Loretta Jean: I started using Loretta Jean in 2008/9 when I was modeling for Nerd Girl Pinups.com. It’s a combination of a maternal great-grandmother and grandmother’s first names. Jean is also my legal middle name. It was almost meant to pay homage to Loretta Young and Loretta Lynn.

Gracie: How long have you been on the scene?

Loretta Jean: I did my first show in 2009, a few gigs in 2010, but things started to get busy in 2011. NGB was officially formed in 2012.

Gracie: Signature colour?

Loretta Jean: Red.

Gracie: Who is your Showgirl inspiration?

Loretta Jean: I adore Dr. Lucky, she’s such an inspiration to me as both a performer and an academic. This summer I had the privilege if attending her intensive workshop weekend, Camp Camp. It was a life altering experience.

Gracie: Do you tassel? Both directions?

Loretta Jean: Yes, and assels. I think they more naturally want to go clockwise though.

Gracie: What is your most unique prop or costume piece?

Loretta Jean: I love the Dalek inspired panel skirt, bra and bolero set that Betty Quirk made for my signature solo act.

Gracie: What’s the most unique show you’ve been a part of?

Loretta Jean: I was so excited to be in the Tarot themed show – Pick A Card in Ann Arbor, MI.

Gracie: If you weren’t a showgirl, what would you be?

Loretta Jean: An academic! Oh wait, I do that anyway. (I’m working on a PhD in performance studies.)

Gracie:Do you think you’ll ever retire?

Loretta Jean: Not until they drag me off the stage, kicking and screaming.

Gracie: Do you have any words for budding showgirls?

Loretta Jean: It’s going to sound corny, but be true to yourself. Find your own style and carve our your own niche. Don’t try to be anyone else, you have unique talents and style to bring to the world.

Gracie: Thank you for your words of wisdom! Follow today’s Muse at the links below! Have a great week and I’ll see you again next Monday. Same Gracie time, same Gracie channel.
Loretta Jean
Website: www.nerdgirlburlesque.ca
Facebook: lorettajeanburlesque
Twitter: @loretta_jean


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