Unicorns & Dinosaurs

Any writer knows the feeling. A character, fully formed, sits waiting for a story. Not so patiently, waving their arms, being ignored by the writer. It’s something I’ve been “too busy” for, for quite sometime. I have their history to tell. A fully formed cartoon about the most unlikely of odd couples. These orphans have been sitting quietly, playing together, keeping themselves amused. Every once in a while, the searchlight of my thoughts would find them huddled in a dark corner, begging with big eyes to be introduced to the world. Then, I would focus on something else- leaving them to their own devices. Well, this weekend I stumbled into the Secret Garden I had locked up so long ago, and I realized how my heart fills when I share their stories. These stories have to be dusted off, I’m the one charged with writing them down and they won’t wait any longer. So expect writings, ramblings, tall tales and single panels from their lives. This is Carl & Stacey; and they have waited long enough.