Take This Moment And Love It

I love burlesque. Period. Full Stop. I love the people. I love the glitz. I love the gussied up giddiness. And the unexpected…well, you never know what it’s going to be. Burlesque is about breaking down the 4th wall. It encourages the audience to participate. The whole room engages to unite for 3 and a half minutes of togetherness. And for that fleeting moment we are all connected with music, movement and momentum. Burlesque is about the Power of NOW!

With roots firmly planted in the past and boas reaching toward the future, burlesque is a timeless art form. The only limit to what you can create are the laws of time and space. And the possibility of someone having already created it;) As an artist, that is an amazing power to wield. But with great power comes great responsibility, at least that’s what my Uncle Ben always said. I have met Burly girls and boys from all walks of life. The elements that unite us are the desire to drive our own art forward, to have creative control and put on a great show. And sometimes we exceed our own expectations.

Burlesque is an art form that thrives on an audience. It is by it’s very nature exhibitionism. Now, definitions of this word vary from simply wanting to attract attention to a compulsion to expose body parts not “normally” exposed. Obviously, burlesque incorporates both of those definitions, but it is not pigeonholed by mere words. It can challenge and charm. It tantalizes, teases and taunts. It can be political, polite or poppy. Burlesque lives in the moment, and it is the hope of this Showgirl that an appreciative audience can see through the definitions. And that we will exist together for an electric moment, and we will finally be happy.